One of the major reasons that we started Aus Moto Supplies was so we could turn our playing with bikes into something we could do every day and hopefully something that will pay it's own way! That and we just like buying stuff and it was getting quite expensive to shop for cool stuff all the time... not to mention how much space we were taking up!

So we buy bikes and change them and ride them and crash them and fix them and and ride them some more. Sometimes we even sell them, but that doesn't happen often enough. The bikes evolve and change and are reworked again and again.

The problem is that we have more projects than we have either the room or the time for so we are ignoring several bikes in order to try and achieve something that we have not really managed to date. We are going to build a bike the way we want it and finish it completely. I know that sounds ambitious to try and finish a bike but we are going to give it a go.

So here are the bikes we have around at the moment. We will blog about each one as they get worked on and then there is the general blog about AMS. Feel free to read and comment... or just ignore anything that isn't your cup of tea!

XL600 83
Tracker Bobber Hooligan thing!
  Check out the blog here

CB750 73
Not sure what this is yet... but I'll start up a blog when I get a clue

Enfield 350 Bullet from 1969
Engine upgrade to the 535 ACE Fireball and some cool retro styling
This is litiraly at the back of the shet and needs lots of time an money... maybe next year

GL1000 78
Ok, we don't have this one yet, but my Dad does and it is just collecting dust in his garage as when
he does ride he rides his big GL1500.