Who is Aus Moto Supplies?
There are heaps of companies out there who sell cheap and nasty parts for your bike and will treat you like a number. We are NOT one of them. We only sell quality parts that we are proud of and would and do have on our own bikes. We are not always the cheapest but we will try to be and our service will always make up the difference!

So where are we going?
If you've had your eyes open at all in the last little while, you'll have noticed that things are changing. Petrol is getting more expensive by the day and even the climate is getting a bit strange... at least around me. Things are changing and we think this is great news for riders and all the people who are yet to see the light. The next generation of Electric Motorcycles are looking really good and are more than just a little useful. They are cheap to run, have a greater range and performance every year and are becoming better value as demand and technology increase. Why would you drive a car that costs a heap to run and maintain when you can ride a bike, or better yet, an Electric bike?

We do have some short term plans though. We will keep increasing our range and track down more and more suppliers of quality parts that our customers can use. We like to research our parts and shop, so you can be sure we'll keep finding more great products for our Australian and South East Asian customers!

We are motorcycle people first and foremost and we like to ride and work on our bikes... so we will be doing a lot more of that too.

We don't sell what you want?
With the number of aftermarket brands in the market today, there is no way we can have everything in stock that you might want. That is whey we are happy to track down any new part you need and ship it directly to you. Just contact us and we'll get you a quote ASAP!