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The latest products...
We first come across Unabiker while looking for the best radiator protection for a DRZ400. Unabiker are on a whole different level when compared to the competition and that is why they are getting copied by them... but we still recommend the original!

We don't yet have the full range of Unabiker guards in stock, but we'r working on it.

A friend of AMS recently bought a Husqvarna TE610 and it opened out eyes to how many of these bike are around. So we ordered in some Unabiker guards for the TE 610 and then promptly sold out in less that 24 hours! We now have more in stock and will do our best to keep it that way from here on in.

Here's what Unabiker say...
"Unabiker TE610 Rad Guards provide awesome protection for your Husky's rads. We use a one piece construction featuring 3 solid aluminium support rods across the face of the rads and another support rod across the back. Our guards fit underneath your stock plastic with no mods required. Our Husky guards are available in bare aluminium, or anodised blue, black or gold."

We just think they look good and with 4 cross rods in each guard they are pretty damn strong..

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